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Chlofloso wrote: Hi Chris,

thanks for sharing your story. I don’t think I can say much about it as I didn’t experience any depression (besides the winter depression which manifested itself in fatigue), I’m a very happy person actually. So I don’t know if you should be diagnosed with a depression or with CFS. Do you have the other CFS symptoms like swollen lymph nodes, low-grade fever or feverish feeling, throat pain etc.? Did it start with a flu or a cold?

A CFS diagonisis is pretty worthless, so I really dont care if I ‘have’ it or not. I do not recognize the symptoms you describe btw. I have been diagnosed with depression numerous times.

Chlofloso wrote:
If I were you, I would really quit consuming weed immediately. I know two persons who developed a major schizophrenia from smoking weed, which is certainly not something you want to have. If you already have a depression, why consume something that can actually cause depression? I’ve seen too many depressed people who consumed weed.

There are a lot of factors contributing to schizofrenia. I won’t get it, I promise;).

Chlofloso wrote:
I have also had the oversensitivity issue and still have it a bit, but it’s much better. What has helped me most with CFS was taking a complete break from working, seeing friends, hobbies and so on for a few months. In this time I only stayed at home, most of the time in bed listening to audio books. Went outside to get fresh air and sun in quiet places such as the forest and avoided noisy and stressful situations. In that time I have learned to cope with my energy levels and too always stop before it’s too late. That has helped me to avoid those complete falls where you need days or weeks to recover and I can do much more now.

I think you should really try to do the Candida diet of this forum very strictly without any slipping up. I know it’s hard, but if I can do it, you can do it as well.

Not neccesarily. I think we are quite different. As you say, you are a happy person. I am not.

But I’m following the diet, mostly. I guess it will help eventually. If I get my mind right.

Thanks for sharing.