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Hi jo

I still haven’t coped with hangout with friends but studying yes. Last semester I struggled but still aced all my classes and now I’m taking online classes because I decided to do something about candida and I know it would be rough at first. I don’t think I’m ready to enjoy my social life. I would like to first feel no symptoms which I feel I’m close to achieving especially since I just corrected a mistake I was making. When I can start reintroducing foods then I might feel confident enough to eat out. I feel like its too early for me but I’m ok with that. I know I’ll have my time to shine. In the mean time I’m knocking out all of my school responsibilitys and I’ll be graduating in June 2013 with a bachelors degree in criminal justice/police studies. Although this experience makes me wanna study nutrition and actually be one of the few people that recognize candida. Thank you for responding. I appreciate everyone’s experience and opinion here. I’m happy that you are able to enjoy things while on the diet. Good luck.