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Vegan Catlady;52403 wrote:

The diet you describe isn’t an anticandida diet. A healthy diet isn’t necessary an anticandida diet. Chronic mucosal yeast overgrowth is associated to immune deficiencies. What are you doing to identify why your immune system is allowing yeast colonization on your tissues ??

A yeast overgrowth is absolutely curable, at least you have an intrinsic immune defect that impedes it. Mostly, the immune deficiency candida sufferers have is acquired and reversible.

Your actual diet won’t favor your progress.

The web is FULL of myths about this syndrome. I will say that most of the information you find in candida dedicated websites is wrong. It doesn’t help those who needs to find a path to be candida free.


Agreed Jorge!

My frustration is that the diet I described was my diet BEFORE realizing I have candida….not a candida diet….was NOT so terrible that a normal system would go haywire and get an overgrowth.
Makes zero sense!

Maybe you can help me with this, as I am going to post a new thread on it soon:
Tullio Simoncini says the opposite of what is presented on THIS website, unless I have misunderstood something-
found on a talk with him-
” usually in ~1 week. Cancer & fungi cannot survive in an oxygenated and alkalized environment. Oral intake of sodium bicarbonate offers an instant and powerful boost of blood pH into the alkaline. One teaspoon can raise the pH to around ~7.4. Maintaining a pH of ~7.4 effectively neutralizes the ability of cancers to grow and reproduce. Molasses acts as a kind of Trojan horse for the baking soda. Candida and cancer infestations will attempt to ingest the sugar rich Molasses as they do any sugar, except the oxygenating and alkalizing qualities of baking soda are taken in with the Molasses, effectively neutralizing the infestation at its very source. This is a natural and completely safe and effective kind of chemotherapy.”

THIS website says:
“Candida overgrowth relies on increased alkalinity in your intestines. It needs neutral or alkaline conditions to switch to its fungal form. This is why acid-producing probiotics like acidophilus are so effective at slowing and even reversing the overgrowth, and why caprylic acid is an effective antifungal. Your digestive system has evolved with a naturally acidic environment that protects us against pathogens like Candida, so when you begin your Candida treatment plan you need to maintain that acidity.”

I see BOTH perceptions as being played out in my situation.
My diet is very alkaline now (lots of greens and fruit) so I can see where yeast would grow IF its needs alkalinity…BUT I also have seen this alkalinity FIX so many things wrong with me since I came from a very acidic diet in the past ( high protein,high dairy ).
Its when I eat acidifying foods like crackers and sugary treats and bananas that I get so sick, so how can acidifying be the answer?

My immune system as far as I know is great-
no illness in over a year, I heal after injury fast, and with a 94 yr old grandma and kids in the house always catching stuff…im not catching it too.
My energy is over the top-
I never suffer from fatigue. Its the only symptom that does not resonate with this disease so far.

So I am presenting a situation that requires a deal of investigation on my part…
since I don seem to fit a common candida profile.

BTW your awesome Jorge, I have read many posts here by you.
I look forward to your insight.


Sodium Bicarbonate has antifungal activity not linked to its alkaline Ph. Yeast cells can live in a broad Ph range, including acid and alkaline. Don’t pay attention to it. Your problem isn’t a Ph unbalance neither you will eradicate it trying to change your intestinal Ph.
Candida sufferers don’t catch common flu because they are Th2 over-active. This means your immune response is toward to an antibody production. This overactivity in the Th2 arm is protecting you against any extracellular intruder. However, their intracellular defenses are very low allowing candida to growth. A balanced immune system is necessary to protect us against all the health offenders. You need a Th1/Th2 balanced immune system. If any of these arms work chronically polarized, we are going to have health problems.

I hope this help.!