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Thanks to both of you for your responses.

Raster: Thank you so much for confirming that these symptoms are most likely caused by die-off. I was getting worried that I am sicker and something else is the problem. I figured that it will take me longer doing this naturally, but also hoped that the die-off will not be as strong if I am taking it easy with antifungals. I guess I just have to stick it out. My worry is my kids, my work, it’s affecting my life a lot. But then again, the candida is as well. If I’m going to be any kind of good mother to those kids, I must get rid of this thing once an for all. The winter is pretty tough this year, very low temperatures and tons of snow making this diet even more difficult (I think this is why probably my calorie intake is not enough). I did notice that my body just screams for food and when I manage to eat enough I tend to get a little better. Like tonight I ate cream of broccoli/cauliflower/quinoa/celeriac soup with yoghurt instead of milk or sour cream and a huge salad (huge beyond huge). It took me 45 minutes to chew through it and I put lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cooked quinoa, chicken breast, cooked egg, olive oil, spices and apple vinegar. After about 45 minutes I had around 400ml of homemade kefir and i felt better after it, but the whole meal took 2 hours! I guess I just have to make a commitment to eat all day long ha-ha. Ever since I got the kids I am the last one on my list to take care of, probably why I got where I am, but looks like I will need to be a little selfish until I get out of this mess.

Thomas: I looked at that coconut bread recipe and it sounds great. One clarification I need: the coconut flour they sell here is kind of granular, not really looking like flour. Is this the same? I have it here, but didn’t seem that I can make a bread out of it. I managed to make buckwheat bread, and even though it looks so nice, like a chocolate cake, smelled great while baking because I put butter in it, but it’s so dry and tasteless and I can tell it doesn’t give me any energy at all. Plus in the mornings my mouth is so dry I put that bread in my mouth and nothing happens, like I put sand in my mouth. I would gladly trade it in for your coconut bread! I was never much of bread eater and got criticized all the time for it (Bosnians eat bread with almost any meal, and a lot of it) and I would be perfectly fine if I was allowed cereal and milk, but we know that’s out of the question 🙂 Now I miss the bread because I’m out of alternative. For now I just alternate one of the allowed grains out of which millet is the best as it resembles cornmeal and feels filling.

As for ordering from US, I thought about it, but the bottle of Molybdenum costs around $7 and shipping it costs $25! I am on a low budget since I am stretching one salary each month. I am searching for something closer, but haven’t found anything yet. I was looking for Candida Clear as well, but didn’t find it online even though I found on some Serbian forums mention of it so I’m thinking they must have it there. I am looking for someone who can purchase it for me over there and send it over (this is neighboring country so shipping should be fairly inexpensive).

Oh how I miss living in US at times like these! Almost any corner you can by anything you need. I’m kind of frustrated right now.

Thanks to both on encouraging words and great advice! I guess I really needed a pat on the back as I feel so alone in this. Thanks much!