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Thank you raster! I didn’t have millet flour but just the grains, but after reading your post, I googled and found instructions how to easily make flour out of millet. Apparently you just soak it overnight, dry in oven and then just grind it up. I will try this next.

Thomas: I just made the coconut bread and I must say what an upgrade from buckwheat bread!!! Thank you! I’ve been snacking on it all day. I will try to mix it up with millet next and see how it turns out. I will also try to grind up the coconut flour I have to get better consistency of the bread. Right now it’s just a salty version of Rafaello snack 🙂 Don’t mind it but I have a feeling it would taste better ground up.

I didn’t have time to try the almond milk yet, but will do that next. I am doing so much cooking (different dishes for myself and kids) I run out of time and strength pretty fast. In the end my kids end up eating half of my lunch/dinner after finishing theirs hahahaha…

I have many friends in states but last time I asked my friend to send me a DVD I purchased from e-bay I didn’t get it yet. I ordered it about a month ago… I think I will try to find it closer and just have it shipped 2-day or overnight mail.

I must say that I am feeling better today. I’m still a little dizzy and not at my full strength but not as weak. I did have two breakfast, snack and lunch so maybe I just need to make sure that I eat enough. Or the die-off is easing up finally. I had a pretty garlicky lunch so maybe it all flares up again… Who knows… I am at better mood today than yesterday so that’s a big plus 🙂

Thanks again to both of you on a great advice and support!