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My personal favorite is something like this (it’s ok to guess, it’s sauerkraut, it’s an art not a science 😉 ):

1 head of cabbage
1-2 carrots (the sugar will be eaten by the bacteria, so it should be fine to have a little bit in there)
a small amount of salt
caraway seeds

Take the outer couple of leaves off of the cabbage and set aside. Shred the cabbage and carrots, which is easiest with a food processor. Put it in a big bowl, and mix in some salt, maybe like 1/2 tsp? I can’t remember…you can research online. I don’t use a lot, and some caraway seeds. Remember that the taste of things like spices tends to get multiplied as it ferments, so don’t use a lot of caraway if you don’t LOVE caraway…you can even leave it out if you want. Also, add filtered water, basically just enough to cover everything in the bowl. It should be just a little bit soupy/gloppy, LOL. Use your hands to massage everything together for a few minutes, then start scooping the solids into a big jar. Use the juice from the bowl to fill the jar up until about an inch below the lid. Take the big leaves from the cabbage and fold them up, then stick them in the jar on top of the kraut mix. Put the lid on and wait 3-6 weeks!

I have found it very helpful to get an aerator lid for my jar to let the gasses escape. It still kind of makes a mess, but not as bad as it would without one, I don’t think.