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Hello, Neeky, I understand your concern about organic maple syrup.

For anyone who believes that the organic MS in the cleanse would harm instead of help, I seriously suggest that they either use the pure lemon cleanse or simply leave the maple syrup out of the original recipe. I say this because there are literally volumes of research and experiments proving that the pictures and ideas we create in the mind and imagination are capable of creating actual situations.

The cleanse done before either the diet or antifungals are started is meant to do just what the name implies, “cleanse” the body. It is not intended to kill or even necessarily hinder the Candida. A Candida infestation grows in the body only because the body has become toxic for whatever reason, and our metabolism can eliminate only a small amount of toxins at a time. If the intestines are full of mucus ridden plaque, as with a Candida infestation, then the toxins have literally become stuck in the intestines and the intestines will need to be cleaned before the infestation can be cured. This can be done quickly with a powerful cleanse, or slower with a 100% clean diet. This means having only pure water and pure lemon water daily along with fresh, organic green vegetables and occasionally an organic boiled egg for at least two to four weeks.

I don’t blame anyone for not trying the cleanse if they have even the slightest doubt about its efficiency, as I do understand how ridiculous it sounds considering the MS. Everyone who is reading these posts now has a negative possibility for the cleanse in their mind, so again, I advise them to disregard the maple syrup in the recipe and simply leave it out if they try the cleanse. This being said, I would still like to defend my post by saying that there have been experiments showing that Candida patients who used this cleanse did not become worse, and were able to continue their cure as normal afterwards, but these patients were not told the ingredients of the cleanse. Even so, the power of the mind is our most powerful tool, for both good and bad.

Anyone who doubts that the mind and imagination are as powerful as I am saying would perhaps benefit from reading about the research and experiments with the placebo effect. In one particular case, 180 patients with knee pain and in need of knee surgery were divided into three different groups. Two of the groups were given treatments which consisted of removing the damaged cartilage in one of two different ways, both requiring surgery. One type of surgery was actually done by surgically removing the damaged cartridge, and the other was irrigation or flushing the damaged cartridge from the tissue of the knee.

The third group received what was called “placebo surgery”. This meant that they were put to sleep just the same as the other groups were, but the only ‘surgery’ they received was an incision made on the knee which was then given stitches, but nothing whatsoever was done to any part of the knee cartilage or tissue.

The follow-up took two years, and afterwards all 180 patients reported to have various degrees of improvement in their symptoms which included the ability to walk and to use their knee without pain. All three groups were told which surgery they received at the end of the follow-up period.

Thank you for bringing this concern to my attention, Neeky, and I appreciate your kind words as well as all of your posts.