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I’m in the same boat as you. I was using strong enzymes, but only taking a couple a day and I took a few short holidays so I *should* be ok. Still scared shitless though. I am allergic to bitters, just discovered this last night. I guess im gonna try just using them without swallowing. I’m still digging around for you when I can and I just came across this. I have to say, if I was in your shoes I would be doing everything possible A.S.A.P. Got any scorpions over there? LOL. Deeper investigation into this might lead to something.


Scorpion Sting – A scorpion sting is made of venom which uses many different types of compounds to kill its prey as well as defend itself from predators. One of the most common things that can happen is that the enzyme inhibitors in the venom cause a surge in enzymes to be produced by the pancreas which could lead to damage which causes inflammation, thus sudden acute pancreatitis.