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Hi Guys,

I don’t know if the subject of Chines Herbal Medicine interests anyone on this board, but for those who might be interested there is a formula called “Bao He Wan” which basically does what all these fancy Digestive Enzyme products do… You can read more about this formula here:

If you are looking for a bitter herb formula that does the job, I can say that I have tried it and it does a very good job without all the side effects that is mentioned on this thread regarding making the Pancrease lazy….

I posted that web site because that particular brand does a good job of explaining the formula…. but as far as quality, I prefer another brand called Sun Ten…. I think they sell it on Amazon… If you do a search under: “Citrus and Crataegus formula-bao he wan-229” in Amazon you can find it….

The only thing I need to tell you about this formula is that it will drop your blood pressure…. if you have high blood pressure it’s great, but for those who have low blood pressure do not use this formula… One of the herbs in this formula called “(Shan Zha)” (which would be Hawthorn Berry in English) drops the blood pressure but digests meats very well….

Anyways, just wanted to share for those who are looking for alternative….
Isn’t interesting that we are now just coming up with these Enzyme formulas and the Chinese have had it figured out for 1000’s of years??

I always found it fasinating… Good Luck all