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moochpb;43019 wrote: I’m gonna use hcl again also with the bitters.

HCL should help alot,
The way I understand it, Pancreas produces/injects enzymes in accordance to the level of acidity of the food that enters the intestine from the stomach… This is why people with low stomach acid often have low Enzyme production too…… there is a Acid/Alkaline relationship between stomach and small Intestine. Pancreas produces and injects the enzymes(which is considered Alkaline) in accordance to the level of acidity of the Chyme(Food from stomach) so it could bring the Chyme to a neutral and balance level…HCL will help increase the acid… but we got to be careful not to use too much… I only need 350mg of HCL… I used to need 650mg but now if I use that much I get heart burn, where as 350mg gives me good digestion with no side effects as far as heart burn… every one is different and the body changes as it heals itself too…

It’s all about having balance… or as the Chinese medicine calls it Yin/Yang! 🙂

My Question to you guys: What brand bitters do you recommend? I think I might want to try it just to see the effects.