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moochpb;42938 wrote: I was just gonna PM you Able. I know we went over this before a little. But my test shows my pancreas isn’t creating anything at all which totally alarmed my Dr. Cancer, pancreatis, all of that was ruled out. So apparently the enzymes made mine shut down. So if I go back on the bitters do you think it will help my digestion again? I just get so dehydrated on bitters. All I drink is water. Any advice on that, and is it best to have before or after I eat? I forgot. Thanks Able

Wow, thats pretty scary. They say it can happen. I hope that hasn’t happened to me. We shall see. I do know that I am not going to take them anymore, hopefully for good. I hope bitters can get it done. There are other things that stimulate release of pancreatic secretions. Maybe this could be looked into as well. I hope you can get it restarted.