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princeofsin wrote:

Cacao is BAD-one of,if not the highest,natural source of caffeine.I got addicted to raw cacao during my raw vegan phase last year-had to have raw cacao pudding with fresh almond milk,Goji berries,papaya and agave every day for awhile.Then it hit me that I was addicted to it..gave away all my bulk cacao as well as whole cacao beans (big stash lol) to my friend,under the condition that she not give her 2 year old daughter it! She is vegan and into the thinking that cacao is ok for kids.YIKES.Stay away from that poison!

What about the antioxidant in it?

In my opinion the naturally (or unnaturally,unhealthy) high caffeine content of cacao outweighs any beneficial antioxidant qualities.Steer clear of that bean!