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Kyle wrote: Yes, very interesting to hear your thoughts as always, Jorge.

The question I ask myself is what would’ve caused our immune systems to be different to other peoples (asides from genetic variation). I usually like to link everything to diet but in this case it may simply be a genetic predisposition.

I know that my mother and sister both have had bad gut problems for many many years; so it is no wonder why I developed one myself.

My mother also has hypothyroidism, but whether that was caused by gut problems or was the cause of the gut problems, I do not know.

My mother has also suffered stomach problems all her life. She is 84 y/o now. Poor her because I know understand her problem !!! She was plagued with candida and still is.

Let follow my points, I have took 3 CDSAs from Metametrix and Genova Lab, my beneficial flora shows healthy according to these tests.
Lactibacillus 3+, Bifidobascterium, 2+, and beneficial E. Coli 3+.

Even with those results, I still have an intestinal fungal overgrowth.
I know those bacteria aren’t the dominant species in the human gut but are what the labs identify as beneficial.

I have done several Fecal Transplants that I am convinced can modulate the colonic flora and implant human bacterias. Even doing it, candida is still there.

Another thing, during my reading I have found those who have worked fixing immune problems caused by heavy metal toxicity, etc are the people who report a complete cure and have returned to a normal life without relapse.

As you see, there are many things that don’t allow me to solve the puzzle. Why there are people who take long antibiotic rounds and don’t develop this syndrome ??

Why people who chelate and continue with anticandida treatment most of the time report a cure and are able to leave the diet ??

Why people develop candidiasis without disturbing the flora with antibiotics ?? By the way, I believe Able is one of these cases.

Why during the 80’s some people were Able to cure this syndrome guided by Dr. Crook, Dr. Truss, etc when probiotics were almost not used ?? I mean during the 80’s, there wasn’t a probiotic “boom” like today. Still, people were cured.

And, the most important. Dr. Truss, Dr. Crook, and many of the pioneer candida Drs have explained this syndrome as an adquired immune tolerance to candida albicans. There also genetic tolerance but (non-adquired) but are a few cases.

As you see, I have many reason to believe the big player is the immune system. Is the flora the immune system ?? I don’t know it. I only know that people can develop candidiasis without disturbing the flora and some people disturb the flora with long antibiotic rounds, and never develop candidiasis.

I don’t have explanation for it. !