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dvjorge wrote:

Thanks for that link. Ive tried a lot of those before…they do work… but like the yeast, it always comes back.

Maybe when I get this in check I can focus more on that too. I have the femdophilus…I will try using that.

Chronic vaginal candidiasis is linked to immune tolerance to candida albicans.
The intestines holds the biggest amount of candida. It is the candida factory and the place where candida byproducts are absorbed. One of this byproducts cause an immune paralyze against the yeast.
Without immune system, it is impossible to eliminate an infection. Do what you do, it is the immune system the biggest player.
You need to work oriented to recover the immune competence to candida. It needs a protocol that addresses your intestines, toxicity that compromise cell-mediated immunity or any other thing that suppress it. After that, supporting your immune system as much as possible.
It takes time and discipline.

I can see that you are passionate about the recently discussed concept of our immune system becoming desensitised to the Candida which you brought to the forum’s awareness.
However, I still believe that the majority of the immune response which defends against Candida is actually the good bacteria of our gut. I’m not sure how much our own lymphocytes actually do to combat these things, although it is of course worth investigating.
In either case it would appear that greatly reducing the number of candida cells in the intestine for a sustained period of time is essential! 🙂

Interesting things lie ahead.