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Able900 wrote:

I wondered why is the still the ammonia / adrenalin connection even I am very strong on the died, meaning not eating much meat? Where is that ammonia / adrenalin coming from?

Sorry, Thomas, I should have thought to explain this. The connection with ammonia now is the die-off that you’ve been experiencing. Both dead and live Candida release ammonia, but especially the millions of Candida that are dying when you’re experiencing die-off symptoms. So the ammonia that was causing your problems weren’t coming from meat, but rather from the dying Candida.

Really sorry I didn’t realize I hadn’t explained this to you before.


No need to be sorry, if I would not have you I would have broken down mate. Believe me you don’t know how important you have been for my life in these 14 days.
Knowing now that I feel these stress shakes in my muscles and everything is part of the war going on. The trouble in the battle of the mind is not to loose trust that my body is actually on my side. I was nearly broken down the last days, I felt so bad and fearful. Thanks to this place here, the forum and you I was able to pull through the darkness.

I am still going strong with the diet and baked today my first coconut bread which I love big time!

thanks again guys!