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Able900 wrote:

As the nurse was taking my blood I was talking to her and she’s like, you’re not dehydrated are you?

Your urine is very concentrated without enough water to dilute it because it’s full of ammonia; when ammonia is that concentrated in the urine it can burn like hell.

I’m sure we all assumed that you were drinking plenty of water, considering the diet and entire protocol calls for “lots” of water during the entire treatment.


Able, what can be the roots of a person having to much ammonia? Do you remember when i had this horrible vibration in the body and the panic attack. You told me that it was probably because I was eating too much meat and the liver could not handle all the toxins because of the lot of ammonia. Now I am really strict on the died and dont eat meat at all only little wild salmon. Now I wonder if I might still have too much ammonia floating around in my body? If that would be true, why could that be?