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Vegan Catlady
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kjones02;55454 wrote: Not sure exactly what happened, but I am sorry that things happened catlady. Hopefully, things will get straightened out. It looks like it is. I know I have become upset at times, but I think like you mentioned (think you did, or other people)(sometimes people don’t respond at all, which makes me mad).

we are all just trying to give advice and opinions to help each other. what might work for one person, might not necessary work for another person. For the record, I have enjoyed your posts, and I have appreciated them very much! =) Also, I agree with the nd comment I think you made in one post, I wish insurances covered nd visits as well. I think we need both in our society, nd and md. Lately, I have had to cut down my consults with the nd, just because of costs, which makes me mad. I am only doing it every 2-3 months, which I’d rather consult every 1-2 months.

Catlady, do you have somewhere private that I can message you some specific questions? I would appreciate it! It involves either doing too much in you diet, teas, etc.

let me see if I can contact you.