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ThomasJoel2;55447 wrote:

I want to emphasize that the only point of me posting on this forum is so that I can help and learn from others. If I accused someone of being a shill it is because I sincerely believe them to be so and only pointed it out so that other sick people frequenting this forum are not misled. I believe Floggi to be a shill whose main purpose is to push pro-amalgam and pro-vaccination propaganda. I plead with you to take a look through his post history and come to your own conclusion. Finally, I want to say, that I really appreciate your time, consideration, and investigation into this issue. I’m sure both you and I can agree that all we want is better health for us all. Thank you!

The TRUTH is that you and Impossible started this .
Accusing someone of being a shill isnt what makes it ACCURATE, so instead of being a bully, just handle it like a man and tell Anna.

Im happy to let it die, as long as you stop following me around with Impossible and leave me alone.

Everyone KNOWS the fake posters on here that posted on MY thread used a masking device so that their real identities would not be found.There are only 3 people on here harrassing me.

I have ALWAYS allowed you to be.

Just allow ME to be, and its all good .