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Hello, Lauren.

Bruising is a somewhat rare occurrence of a Candida infestation, but still a possible side effect or symptom. During this stage, a simple body rash can also develop into a worse case of hives. The yeast can clog capillaries, and this can lead to numbness of extremities and bruising. The yeast at this stage of Candida can even clog capillaries which can lead to high blood pressure and numbness of extremities. The hands and feet specifically are often cold during this stage, however it isn’t unheard of for a fever during this time.

Of course, there are many other reasons for bruising easily. Hashimotos thyroiditis is just one of many, and since this is associated with a Candida infestation, it may be a good idea to have your thyroid tested if you’ve not already done so.

Also, if you have time, can you describe what your other symptoms are at this time as opposed to how they were when you started the treatment?