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Thanks for all the responses!:) Able and Raster, right now I am not able to take anything for candida because of medicine I am taking for the parasites, so I really can’t give you an accurate description of my symptoms now and what they were like before. Though I can tell you that I do not feel I improved much with my candida. I stick very close to the diet, though I eat different types of meat then just eggs. The reason why I have not been feeling great could be because of underline problems or the fact that I was having a lot of dieing off. Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like I am doing everything right but I am not making improvements (at least that I can see). Once I get the parasites and h polyri problem fixed I can refocus on the supplement I need to be taking. I will be getting another parasite stool test done since there was one that they could not identify. When I take the parasite medicine my big toe hurts very very bad. This is where the problem originally started and moved up my body. So I really think focusing on parasites for the time being might be the way to go even though I also know I have a bad candida problem that needs to be taken care of too. I just have to take one step at a time, never give up, and patiently wait.

Wishnhope, I am also very clumsy.:D I tend to have bruises on me too, but the bruises I got after the massage were quite a lot and in rows along muscles that were massaged. I use to have a b12 deficiency but I was check recently and it is at a normal level, though I am very low on Vitamin D.But great suggestions.

Able I have gotten tons of blood work done for throiditis , and everything is fine :D. Thanks for the suggestion. I had numbness, zapping pain, muscle tweitching in my legs and hands when everything got really bad. The Neurologist I saw told me I have a stocking and glove type of nueropathy. These problems have gone away on there own before I knew anything about candida or the diet. Though it has comes back for short periods (like when I took the parasite medicine).