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Javizy wrote: You can check the stats for yourself here

Really, it’s not much better than white rice, and has less fibre, protein and fat than all the other choices Raster mentioned, with much more starch and a considerably higher GI. Not very impressive since it tastes like crap and has a terrible texture when compared with white rice.

If there weren’t other options, maybe you could justify small quantities of something like this, but why not try buckwheat, millet, oat bran or rice bran? The prebiotic properties of these foods will actually contribute towards your recovery, whereas brown rice offers little more than a quick carb fix.

You are right. If I were to eat rice, I prefer white than brown. Brown rice is hard to digest and promotes fermentation in the colon. It is harder than white. It has a high glycemic index and high carbohydrate amount. There is almost no nutritional diference between parboiled, brown, and white rice. Parboiled may be better. The micro-nutrients removed during the refining process is minimum, so there isn’t too much to lose.
Curiously, Dr. John P.Trowbridge, who wrote the famous book ” The Yeast Syndrome” , has said candida growth faster in whole food than refined food. Contrary to what is mostly said in the web, whole bread gets mold faster than bread made with refined flour. Yeast loves nutrients and attack whole food. The same happens inside our gut.