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zimmer wrote: Thanks everybody!

It really re-affirms that I’m not being paranoid and I should listen to my body. I’ve woken up this morning with a stuffy nose the sqelchy liquid at the top of nose and corner of eye has returned when I sqeeze it. and it’s not just the pollen in the air or dust in the room…

Ok here we go even stricter diet here I come. Abel900 you will hearing from me for that list!

Yes listening to your body is the best way to go. I was going back and forth and having some brown rice at the beginning of my treatment, but did not really improve much until I switched it out for oat bran and buckwheat. I had periods where I ate brown rice and then when I get off of it I would seem to go through the die-off all over again. So this told me that I am feeding and killing the yeast constantly so what’s the point of this treatment then? As oat bran and buckwheat are great prebioitcs, I am sticking with these for a while now and not even going to the other grains until I am sure I can handle it. I am passed three month mark of my treatment and am almost symptom free (few annoying little symptoms such as ear noise, dry mouth, not at my full strength yet etc are still lingering plus I still have days where I have a bit of die-off)

Best of luck to you zimmer!