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We don’t promote eating brown rice on the forum because of its starch content; it is roughly 80% starch from the research I’ve done about it. It is also is relatively high in carbs. I had brown rice the first 3 months of my diet and it did nothing but set me back; once I switched to buckwheat as a replacement, I started to heal much much faster. Buckwheat is roughly 25% starch.

If you do decide to eat rice, a much healthier alternative is to eat black, red, or wild rice which have great nutritional characteristics. Rotating foods is best while on the diet so that candida cannot adapt easily to your meals. So if you rotated rice, buckwheat, millet, etc…this would be a much better way to go.

I personally also noticed that I cannot digest rice very well, and undigested food in the gut/bowel is not good for fighting off candida. If the food ferments in the gut, it can be fed upon by candida and parasites…

We have a much stricter foods list on the forum that most of the forum members follow; if you want a copy email able900 for a link. Quinoa and rice are not on this list. Having a stricter diet will allow you to heal much faster.

Carbonated soda water is not allowed on the diet because it adds extra gases to your system which is not good if you are fighting candida. It has been covered on the forum a few times.