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jamespaul wrote: im allergic to milk and lactose tho? so i wont be able to have yogurt will i?
roasted buckwheat? were can i get this from any supermarket?

and that pancake sounds good i will defo try this 🙂

how are you with goats or sheep’s milk?

I make raw goats milk kefir & also eat sheeps or goats milk yogurt.

You can buy roasted buckwheat from decent health food shops. I know a few round my end (SW London), but its prob cheaper to order online from someone like healthy supplies.

As a general rule I wouldn’t eat a high carb breakfast, so finding alternatives with eggs, or even having an avocado salad for breakfast would be far better.

Avocado’s are a great addition to a morning/protein shake, they thicken it & give you lots of sustained energy due to the good fat content. I used to blend avocado, whey protein, banana, double cream, stevia & water before I had to treat myself for this. Obviously there are ingredients you can’t use there, but experiment a bit, it generally taste good with stevia.