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jennyska wrote: Hi, today I went to a health shop and bought this bread (they bake it themselves): it contains : buckwheat flour, himalayan sea salt, cider vinegar, gram flour and topioca starc flour. Are the ingredients ok ? Its delicious, can I continue eating it ?

Jenny, my guess is, not unless you wish to feed your Candida infestation.

Tapioca starch flour is the culprit and possibly gram flour. The glycemic for starches is amazingly high, and I’ve never heard of one that Candida couldn’t thrive on. Gram flour is made from ground chickpeas, so if you can eat chickpeas with no problem, I suppose you could possibly handle the flour.

The basic idea of a Candida treatment is to keep the diet as ‘clean’ as possible, and neither of these can be considered a clean food product.