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orka1998 wrote: Before treatment I had it bad and it pretty much progressed since last summer until it was really terrible. It was also followed by dizziness, loss of balance and all kinds of other scary symptoms. It was getting so bad that it would sometimes take me a minute to react to someone asking me a question. I could not get jokes, I would not find them funny either, and laughing was pretty much gone from my life (which was such a huge contrast from me before illness as I was always joking and laughing even at problems). I also could not remember much and kept forgetting simple things, would dress my kids upside down or inside out, or wrong stocking on wrong leg, I even mixed up their toothbrushes and got upset that my kid was fussy thinking she is not letting me brush her teeth. At work it could be so bad that my boss walks in and tells me what to do, but minute he walks out I have no idea what he sad, or would remember only half. If I don’t have paper and pen handy while he is talking, ouch! hahahaha…

Since I started the treatment it is much better and it’s slowly progressing. I can actually concentrate on doing something sometimes and do some work (OMG that was so hard to do before), I started doing some development again (I’m in IT business) which I just couldn’t do since I got sick. Fog is still kind of there but much better. It turned more into some kind of light-headiness, my brain still feels kind of loose in my head (not sure how to describe it better) and I am sensitive to vibrations (such as riding a tram etc.), my balance is improving but still slightly shaky there. My memory is improved, although not where I want it to be yet. I didn’t dress my kids wrong in a while hahahaha. I seem to be getting some of the control of my life back.

I still have better or worse days. Some days I am almost symptom free, but some days I get some of the symptoms back and the fog comes back as well but not as bad as before. Molybdenum helps, but as it’s hard to get in my country I keep going up and down on the dosage and testing what’s the least amount I can take.

Oh, and I’m about three months into the treatment.


It might be worth trying some basic VRT for your dizziness, it helped me a lot. However being diagnosed with damage to my right inner ear did divert me away from what the root cause of it all