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Pattinoo wrote: I’m glad you brought this up. I am still experiencing this and I started the diet Feb 27 or 28 (brain fog, lol). I’d have to check my calendar. My experience sounds a lit like Arijana’s. took time to respond and process. Not much laughing, just took too long to get there. Very silly mistakes. Talk about neurological symptoms. Oh and I had severe ringing in my ears which is almost gone. Haven’t been on in a while bur staying true. Have introduced oat bran which I love, stevia, truvia, teff, buckwheat and organic yogurt. Also the megafood probiotic. May have introduced things too fast or maybe ups and downs of treatment but I am having some dieoff with yeast infection which wasn’t an original symptom of mine, seborrhea/ eczema flare up and increased brain fog. Now not sure what to cut back on or just hang in until it passes. At least it’s not debilitating. I should have followed the advice of many and kept a food and symptom log. Oh well I guess it’s not too late. Lots if stuff going on stressful too, job changing to new site, buying a house and ups and downs of raising a 4 year old with limits in my patience due to this damned condition and diet. (Deep breath). Guess I needed to say all that. Just another shout out to everyone who posts their experience and shares their knowledge here. Able I continually see you address new people and am duly impressed with your patience. Thanks for that.

Hi Patti,

I was even placed in hospital for neurological problems I had but they found nothing. Of course the didn’t, it was probably candida which they don’t believe exists as a problem.

As for the stress, you must find a way to relax. I don’t really know if it’s my diet finally working or I learned to change over time but i reduced my stress a lot. I really don’t care any more if the dinner is at 6 or 7, I will spend that half an hour cuddling and laughing with my kids instead of trying to get to two three-year-olds to listen to me right away because I’m in hurry. Oh what a difference! This is how my girls and I lived before all this hit me!

I read and feel all this stress from your post and want to say, just take a deep breath and it will get done when it gets done. You don’t have to be perfect at work, or perfect mother, perfect anything for that matter. Just relax and do best you can do.

So again, not sure if the treatment is finally working but I am much better stress wise these days and a whole week I did not snap at my kids and feel like I am unable to accomplish anything. But I don’t really rush anywhere and don’t stress over anything that I cannot do.

I am 100% sure that stress is a big factor in all this. This morning I was involved in a hit and run, got so upset, chased the guy (no I did not catch him), ran a red light trying to do so and it took me like minutes to ask myself “Are you crazy and what in hell are you doing?” It was already too late as all this stress affected me afterwards. I came to work and half an hour later I felt dizzy and just like someone ran over me with a truck few times. My intestines were nagging, I was nauseous, my muscles were cramping. I could feel it setting me back. I finally went out and took a walk, ran some errands and relaxed in this whole process and I’m fine again.

Just trying to help you or anyone else reading this. Most of us have stressful lives and say that this can’t be helped. I think a lot of it depends on us and how we perceive things. Actually read a post about it here the other day (I think someone was just trying to sell something but nevermind that) and it’s so true. We just need to learn to relax. Once I did that (or finally managed it since I felt better), I am making progress every day and feel like I am getting my life back.

Best of luck to you and all here on the forum!