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Great, much appreciated Rabelias..

raster.. im not actually quite sure exactly how the test came about, i cant quite keep up with her medical things at the mo, but am seeing it isnt at all a simple diagnosis.. 🙂

she is pretty certain she has Candida, the diagnosis isnt so important to prove i think.. the main thing really was there was some confusion about what is or isnt in the bloodstream, as the doctor didnt seem to indicate what exactly was in the bloodstream, and we thought it was possible Candida itself was in there, or just wasnt sure how it all worked, what was being tested etc .. or also how to interpret the results in general as to the levels of things

I think the main thing probably is my girlfriend feels she is getting better.. and the proof is in the pudding, as they say.. especially when it seems little else can be proved ‘officially’..