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Shannon29 wrote: I have been on the candida diet for about a month now, and finally convinced my boyfriend that his chronic colitis/diverticulitis/abdominal and digestive issues were due to a severe candida overgrowth. He did a mild colon cleanse (his work schedule didn’t allow for him to do a deep one) and he has started the diet. It’s only been 4 days and he is experiencing very intense cramping along with severe diharrea (like going 12x a day!). He also found a bit of blood when he wiped in his last couple of BMs. He hasn’t started antifungals or probitoics. Just the diet changes. Has anyone experienced anything like this? My die off symptoms are completely different (constipation, sore throat, anxiety) so I’m not sure what will help him. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

Sometimes blood can be seen in the stools during die-off, which he may be experiencing. Is he taking anything to lessen the die-off effects?