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I agree that the standard thyroid treatment is ineffective. That is why I went to see a specialist. My GP would not treat me because all my blood work was within range. In any case the normal practice here is to only look at the TSH levels which is totally unreliable. My antibody count was through the roof and I had all the hypothyroid symptoms. The specialist diagnosed me based on my symptoms and put my on dessicated thyroid (another reason I went to see him as I did not want to be put on some synthetic stuff that most people don’t even respond to at all).

So when it comes to the hormonal supplementation therapy, I trust this doctor. He knows what he is doing. He is also the only one here who tries to figure out what is causing the auto immune response and how to lessen it. This is why he put me on Candida treatment to address the leaky gut.

Given my experiences this spring I’ve started to question a few things… When I am on a restircted diet my temperatures plummet and the hypothyroid symptoms reappear despite taking the dessicated thyroid. Given that for years I restricted my eating previously, is it possible that it might this that caused my hypothyroid symptoms in the fistt place? I mean why else would my blood work still be within range but my body has hypo thyroid symptoms? What I mean is that maybe the problem isn’t the thyroid itself but the general cellular metabolism that has slowed down due to insufficient energy. I have been reading Ray Peat to try and understand this better:

In any case I have gotten this suspicion that perhaps the root cause of my problems such as the hypothryroidism isn’t the digestion. Maybe the digestion problems are just another symptom of something else going wrong in the body, such as the slowed down metabolism. And maybe then by increasing the metabolism the digestion can also be improved. Really seems like healthy metabolsim is at least the basis of being able to heal from anything. I am on the same dose of dessicated thyroid as before but have now been able to increase my temperatures a whole 2 degrees simply by eating more (and more carbs)the past three weeks. I make sure I no longer go hungry and that seems to be working for me.