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From what I’ve read, a lot of people seem dissatisfied with their thyroid treatment. Some doctors are happy to dose to your TSH or total T4 levels regardless of how you feel or what your T3 levels may be like. This means a lot of people aren’t even lucky enough to get a diagnosis because they’re within range as far as the limited tests their doctors do indicate.

The standard treatment is just T4 replacement, but some people don’t convert this to T3 (the active hormone that actually matters) very well. Regularly checking both free T4 and T3 levels should give you an idea how well you’re converting. The standard opinion is that T4 “works” and T3 replacement is best avoided, and most doctors will stick to this whether your temp was 33-degrees.

The trouble is that there isn’t enough research on T3 or dessicated thyroid. It seems the only way people end up getting it (for those who need it) is by educating themselves and fighting with their doctor, or by pure luck by finding a guy who’ll focus on symptoms and not limited labs. There’s even a petetion on the HM Gov site requesting more research on this.

The simple truth of it is if you’re still feeling like crap then your medication is completely inadequate and either needs increasing, or the addition of T3 or improved “thyroid nutrition,” e.g. copper, selenium, iodine (with caution), vitamin D etc. I encourage you to read as much as you can about it because thyroid function is vital to good digestion, immunity, metabolism, energy levels – it pretty much runs your whole body! I’ve also read a fair few anecdotes about yeast infections “clearing up” after adequate treatment in hypo patients.