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mooch, I feel the same way! I don’t know if I have sibo, but I know I can get my energy up if I need to, and yes, b-vitamins help me with that because I need my folate and b12 based on my lab results. Plus, some of the things the recent doctor gave me has really been helping my sinuses. I have not had a stuffy nose at night the past couple weeks, which usually I do.

I still just get major anxiety due to my digestion issues, too. It comes and goes during the day; I feel okay one minutes, not another, then feel a little better, then back to bad again. It seems there is just not a balance with my leaky gut. Plus, I can feel real constipated, or then flow the other way. It causes pressure on my left abdomen, plus, sometimes it still is hard to pin-point whether it is my stomach or intestines. I still worry about extra fiber in some of the flours sometimes due to my gastroparesis (even with pacemaker, not a cure, but helps!) that is why I still due brown rice flour in some of my recipes, but I don’t eat rice that often, mainly I switched to eating cream of buckwheat (only a gram of fiber), or I buy some hulled millet at my co-op (just don’t eat a big serving); I do better on small meals. Have you tried diving up your meals? That does help me at times on some leakiness days.

I really just like eating veggies, and then a some crackers, either rice or my homemade for some crunch. I love my crunch! Most the time I have tried to eat cucumbers as my crunch; they are easy on my stomach.