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Angel29;53767 wrote: What is the best thing to use for die off symptoms?

Molebdenum amino acid chelate is good to get rid of the poisonous byproducts of die off. It’s a chelator though, which means it removes both good and bad stuff(so you don’t want to be on it longer than you need to). Lots of water, some sort of herbal laxative if you are not already going 2-4 times a day.

Basically you need to get the toxins out as fast as possible. Sauana or steam bath is good but don’t overdo it since your body is probably already struggling to keep up. Light excersize/jumping on a trampoline is good, it will help to move your lymph fluid.
Try taking vitamin C until you feel better, take a gram of it every couple hours, you can’t overdose on it(but it might give you loose stools if you get over 12G or so depending on your bodies need)
Zinc(no more than 40MG), low dose niacin(50-100mg), and the other B vitamins all help to flush out toxins as well.

I saw a study done on rats injected with candida who had their immune systems weakened, each of those vitamins i mentioned by themselves give the rats a 70% increased survival chance at the lowest, with some of the supplements reaching 99%. I’ll look for the study.