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Fungaway;57766 wrote: I read the article about caprylic acid softgels being better than straight drops of the liquid because the softgel makes it to the intestines and can dissolve there. So are softgels the best form for all antifungals? I’m getting ready to order several antifungals to try out, including the above, a few antifungal extracts in dropper bottles, and grapefruit seed extract in pill form only because it tastes horrible.

Any other concerns about whatever form being able to be absorbed to reach certain parts of the body? Or am I reading too much into this, and all forms have the same effect given comparable dosage? If so, it would seem like a dropper bottle is the most cost effective, no?

I’ve been taking a lot of fresh garlic, but now I smell like garlic all the time, so that’s going to stop.

Either will work fine.
Also, Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk not only have Caprylic acid but Capric and Lauric as well.
If your going to try multiple anti-fungals make sure to use them only one at a time to determine there effectiveness and possible side effects.

Remember that the anti-fungals you listed are actually anti-microbials so they are killing bacteria along with the yeast/fungus. IMO, the only time an anti-microbial should be used is when you know your particular strain of yeast is susceptible to it, meaning your actually getting benefits from the anti-fungal. CDSA’s and/or identifying which species of yeast is effecting you can also be helpful to determine their kryptonite.