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Hello, welcome to the forum.

So my question is: how do I proceed? Do I go to the doctor first before beginning this?

That’s completely up to you. Most people are fairly certain if they have Candida due to the symptoms.

Also, I’m not sure where to begin. I understand that I need to a detox for about two weeks. The detox and liver flush recipes seem a little bit flustering, and I read somewhere that doing a lemon detox in the morning is effective as well?

Read the easy-to-do cleanse posted below. You only do it for as long as your health and lifestyle will permit. Our theory is, one to two days are better than none if that’s all you can handle.
A Simple-Safe Cleanse

Can someone help lay out the detox for me, how to start, when to start taking probiotics and antifungals?

This is addressed in the forum’s protocol below.
The Protocol

From what I understand, fish is ok a few times a week, but no chicken or other meats?

Fish or chicken are allowed 2 to 3 times a week on the strict diet. Organic eggs are preferable to any meats, fish, or fowl. Organic meats are definitely preferred because of the antibiotics that the non-organic contain, but not absolutely necessary.

Mostly vegetables? Also, what supplements MUST be taken? I’m on a shorter budget, but still want to benefit the most I can from this diet.

Check the protocol for more information and details.