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Hello, Catalina, welcome to the forum.

Question: Is the detox I am following enough to start with?

Reply: Yes it is.

Question: Are baked rutabagas allowed during the detox phase?

Reply: I would wait about two weeks for the rutabagas, that is unless you’ve been eating them often before starting the detox. Have you?

Question: Should I stay on the detox for 7 days or is it recommended to remain on it for 14?

Reply: That’s completely up to you. One week or two weeks on the detox won’t make that much difference, as long as you stay solidly on the diet. I’m speaking of the diet suggested on the forum, not the one created by the website.

Question: It has been suggested that avocados are great on the diet…but aren’t they considered fruit? I hope this isn’t a highly repeated question but won’t the body treat the avocado as a fruit and feed the candida? Should I be cautious and avoid avocados for the first few weeks?

Reply: Avocados are actually food for the beneficial bacteria in your intestines, which is what you want during the treatment.

Question: How many weeks before I can add homemade kefir? How many glasses should I have a day?

Reply: Probably after about two weeks you can start having homemade kefir at a low amount, but we should wait and see what is going on with you in two weeks before planning exactly what you’ll be doing at that time.
During a Candida treatment program you simply can’t pay attention to or plan a timeline or how much of a particular food to add or when. If you see something like, “stay on phase one for three weeks then go to phase two for six …” just know that this is ridiculous and in time you’ll learn to ignore any timeframe you may stumble across. They’re all dangerous simply because every Candida sufferer is different from another, and nobody knows how long you will need to be in each stage. Does that not make more sense than saying that the same timeframe works for everyone? It’s like saying everyone that goes to a medical doctor will receive the same treatment.

Question: How many weeks before I can add yogurt? Is it better to get Greek yogurt or is goat milk yogurt better?

Reply: Goat’s milk is better, especially if you have trouble with cow’s milk like a lot of Candida sufferers do. You can add it a few days before or after the kefir.

Question: Before the detox I tried the coconut bread mentioned on the message board. It’s very yummy. I made the recipe into muffin sized portions….would it be allowed to have a few of those muffins at every meal? Or just a few a day? Can you set yourself back by eating too much of the coconut bread a day?

Reply: I’ve never heard of anyone being set back by the bread. Talk to Katy about that as it seems to be her favorite food right now. It should also keep you from losing too much weight on the diet which a lot of people have problems with.

Question: know it’s best to minimize meat consumption but I was wondering if once a day was too much. I work a lot of hours at work and I’m concerned about my energy levels.

Reply: Once a day really is too much, unless it’s always going to be organic meat. If you need extra protein, eat more organic eggs and chicken (white meat & organic if possible). Chicken can be eaten once a day, but only if necessary. Have you read why we ask members to avoid red meat?

Question: Is lamb allowed during stage 1 or should i just stick with chicken for the first few weeks?

Reply: Lamb is similar to beef when it comes to the protein break-down, so you should put it in the beef category.

Question: How many weeks before I can add organic coconut milk?

Reply: We’ll look at this question again in two to four weeks. Remember the necessity for no timelines.

Question: Some family members are coming from out of town. I will be on week 4 when they arrive. They want to go to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Would a plain steak with no seasoning or sauce and steamed vegetables be ok? Or 1 month too soon to add steak? I just figure 1 month in I’ll just be dieing for steak.

Reply: That’s probably going to be up to you by that time. Personally, I believe it’s better to leave all red meat alone for as long as four to six months or even longer. What’s wrong with chicken?

“I’m sorry for so many questions. I’m just scared to make a mistake that sets me back or prolongs my treatment. I really appreciate any feedback you can provide. I can see from each of your replies that you really care about helping each other stay on track.”

Reply: Catalina, please don’t worry about making a mistake, because chances that you will eventually. I’d bet everything I own that no one has ever completed the treatment without several mistakes or more. This is new territory to you, it’s almost like learning a completely new language, so please don’t be so hard on yourself when and if you do make a mistake.

“I have to admit I’m a little worried that I started this diet right before the holidays. It’s going to be a challenge explaining to my family that I can’t eat certain things….and hopefully they don’t judge me if I bring my own food from home. But I’m tired of these repeated vaginal yeast infections! My doctor just wants to keep proscribing fluconazole but it’s not even helping. I’m hoping this program will help.”

Reply: If you haven’t already explained what your problem is, it’s a wiser decision just to tell your family and friends that you have contracted a really bad allergy to various foods, which is actually the truth.

Please let us know if you have other questions.