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Questions: Per the rutabagas – yes, I’ve often eaten them prior to the detox. You can make really tasty “fries” with them. Why do you suggest to wait 2 weeks?

Reply: I don’t usually suggest that rutabagas be on a person’s diet unless I know that a lot of the Candida have already been destroyed. This is because rutabagas are one of the strongest natural antifungals known; they’re about three times more powerful garlic and at least twice as powerful as oil oregano and can cause terrible die-off symptoms when eaten the first time.

Question: Since avocados are actually food for the beneficial bacteria in your intestines I will definately add them to my shopping list for after the detox. How many would you recommend a day? Should you eat them daily?

Reply: One every day or even every other day would be beneficial.

Question: Per the meat- I do plan to buy only organic chicken breast from a farmer’s market called Sprouts. If I do that I will shoot for once a day during my work hours….and try to eat more organic eggs….maybe just go vegetarian during the weekends. How many eggs is too much a day?

Reply: I really don’t know how many is too many since research has shown that they don’t actually raise one’s cholesterol. As far as my own diet, which is merely a healthy diet with no sugar, wheat or dairy, I’ve eaten as many as six eggs a day since I only have chicken or fish three or four times a week and no red meat or pork. Of course, I also eat a lot of yogurt and kefir every day which are both high in protein.

Question: When will I know when it’s a good time to try things out like coconut milk?

Reply: After a month or two other liquids can usually be added, but this all depends on the course the treatment has taken by them.

Quote: “I was a little worried about getting chicken from the Outback when I phoned them and asked about their chicken. Sounds like their chicken is from Tyson….who has been rumored to use steroids and growth hormones. They said their steak was minimally processed so I figured that would have been a safer choice. I know we’re trying to minimize our intake on added hormones and steroids. Maybe I should just shoot for a salad with a few substitutions.”

Reply: A salad might be a wiser choice, especially since you can’t be sure about what’s in their chicken and meat. Even though someone told you that the meat is “minimally” processed, do you really know exactly what that means? Animals raised for market meat, in addition to the hormones and steroids are usually given antibiotics, in addition to the protein breakdown being a hindrance to the treatment, antibiotics are even worse.