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wonderlover;50404 wrote:

If ANYONE has any drs or links to tests or WHERE to get definitive testing done … I’d be MORE than grateful.

thank you!

There are holistic MDs out there that will treat people for candidiasis and mercury toxicity. You just have to know where to find them. The Institute for Functional Medicine has a search page that can be used to find them:

Practitioner search

I used the above link to find an MD near me, and am being treated for candidiasis.

wonderlover;50427 wrote:

I’m all for trying to find some natural supplements that have been PROVEN to help kill excess Candida … but if Candida is necessary in your gut, how MUCH do we kill off?

Candida Albicans is not necessary in our gut. There are internet “health articles” that sometimes say otherwise, but these are not reputable sources. If you read the books and published papers by Orian Truss, MD, William Crook, MD, and John Trowbridge, MD, they explain that C. Albicans produces toxins regardless of whether it’s in its yeast form or its mycelial form. When C. Albicans exists in small numbers it can be considered a commensal organism because it does not produce toxins in great enough quantity to harm us; our immune system can easily handle it. But when there is an overgrowth of yeast in the gut, then there is a greater quantity of toxins being released and our immune system can become overwhelmed. It is when this overgrowth occurs that C. Albicans is deemed to be pathogenic. Note that C. Albicans can be pathogenic regardless of which form it’s in. When it’s well fed and happy, it stays in its yeast form and can grow rapidly. When it is starved of nutrients, it will grow hyphae and penetrate our cells looking for food.

The aforementioned MDs state that the goal of treatment is to kill as much of this shit as possible. Do not give your enemy any quarter. You won’t be able to kill every single cell of C. Albicans in the gut, but you can reduce the numbers back to a healthy level.