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X2 to everything TJ said. He has just completely earned my respect.

What effect do anti-inflammatories have on you? Have you ever tried a food elimination diet? An igg test can be very revealing. Your symptoms sound as though you are mega inflamed. Some people get hit hard with that neurologically, especially if your blood brain barrier is compromised and/or you have developed neuro autoantibodies (which you can test for). I would be interested in what the genova and the hair minerals test say, as well as some of the usual cfs stuff including a hormone panel, metametrix g.i. effects test, glutathione, and even some inflammatory markers. Do you have good days and bad days? Read up on Dr Shoemaker and mold toxicity and see if you relate to any of that. If that does ring a bell, I must warn you that alot of his patients said you wont get the best care if you choose (edit) him as your doctor. Make it a point to read the post im about to put up pertaining to the methylation cycle. Is the oddness in your ears pressure? Have you noticed anything in particular that has an effect on any of your symptoms?