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Most people will reply saying to take anything thats antifungal that causes as little collateral damage to your beneficial bacteria as possible, titrate up slowly so that die off is bearable, and rotate them every week or whatever to prevent resistance. In your case, however, youve been so sick and had immune and gut issues for so long, that might not be the best idea. How do you know you dont have a wicked c. difficile infection or something like that? The yeast infection would be beneficial at that point and killing it off would leave you wide open for something that could be alot worse. That is a highly probable situation. Thats why I recommended a stool test, Metametrix G.I. Effects is the best bang for the buck and has a reputation for finding stuff that other tests miss. It will tell you how bad your yeast is, what type it is, what antifungals are effective against it(as long as it cultures), what other bad bacteria are present and how much, whether or not you have parasites (a very good possibly), the amount of all the different good bacteria present, how well your digesting and absorbing food, and your sIgA level, all for just under $400. A little pricey, but you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with, could possibly sidestep devestation and get this over with that much sooner. With that said, sacchoromices boullardi will address those concerns and is the only thing that I would consider somewhat safe given your situation. It will throw off a stool test though. That help?