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Great post.

I had a blood test at a wellness center from a DO (it cost me 2k!!!!) and the antigens for Candida were extremely high she said. She gave me a round of Nystatin but I was SO ill I didn’t even start them. I was dealing with a crap ton of anxiety and that stopped me from taking them too.
I went to my GP and showed him the tests and he said it’s all BS and they’re just out to take my money.

I have tried a “fast” for 10 days. It was hard to notice a HUGE change but I did notice somewhat of a change in my symptoms.

Re: good days and bad days … i have bad days and HORRIBLE days. Sometimes its in my stomach PLUS the nausea and dizziness and neuro/behavioral stuff (anxiety, fogginess, etc) and other days just the head stuff. It’s pretty much 24/7 at this point.

I do have ear fullness, yes. And my ears feel “wet” or moist … if that makes sense. My hearing is SUPER SUPER sensitive too. Any dog bark or loud noise feels like a thousand decibels.

It’s so hard to pinpoint ANY triggers because it feels like its SO phantom and/or comes on hard at ANY point in time. Sometimes eating actually helps (which is odd) and other times I’ll eat dinner, go to sleep, and wakeup feeling REALLY ill.

If i do the protocol that traditional medicine has prescribed and there’s no change, i think it’s fair to say to them “it’s not working … “.

I told the neuro otologist i saw 2 days ago about yeast and candida and before I even got out the sentence he was shaking his head “no”. It’s almost like you’re telling them you think you’re Godzilla and reincarnated to take over the world … like you’re just believing in some crazy conspiracy theory.