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wonderlover;50428 wrote: FYI …I’m NOT trying to be combative at ALL. I, like many other people here I’m sure, have been severely ill and am trying to find TRUTH and answers. And my body has been through so much that I feel like I’m grasping at straws.

I understand; I hope I wasn’t coming across that way either. There’s so many people out there who claim that their advice is the one true answer, so it can be frustrating figuring out which advice to follow. Also, when you think you are someone who has, at the very least, a big piece to this puzzle, it’s a fine line you have to walk between giving advice and letting them figure it out for themselves. I hope I’m not being too overbearing; I just feel like I have some really important information that you can benefit from.

wonderlover;50428 wrote:
Whats frustrating is so many people seem to NOT have lasting relief from any protocol. But..I’ll keep searching.

I want to say something in support of frequent, low-dose chelation (the Cutler protocol) though. Progress attained via (proper) chelation therapy is permanent and lasting. Once certain symptoms have been eliminated after a period of chelation, coming off of the chelators should not cause a return of symptoms. This is unlike the progress derived from any protocol involving a diet, where once you come off of the diet symptoms return. I also want to say that in my journey through the internet in an attempt to cure myself, I’ve never come across more success stories than the ones derived from frequent, low-dose chelation. To my knowledge, Able is the only person I know of who has claimed to be “cured” by diet alone.

If you want to check out some success stories related to mercury chelation check out this thread, titan made a while back:

Also, here’s a torrent of Andy Cutler’s book Amalgam Illness that you may find interesting:

Unless you want to discuss this further I will stop beating this dead horse now and leave you to your thread. 🙂

I’m sure there are others here who have more input to provide and I don’t want to take over your thread.