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thank goodness! I’ll stick to the regimen of no sugar and probiotics. I’m on 150 – 200b probiotics/day. The Megaflora brand is good. My Doc had me get Klaire Labs – Therbiotic Complete (which I ordered from as they have optional ice pack. I know that brand works and I like how it’s shipped. You know it’s alive when it arrives. I alternated/took different brands together, per Able’s advice so as to get more strains in to me. I was in Whole Foods the other day, and they had some in the fridge, and some of the same brands, not in the fridge. I try to get ones that are more likely to be alive, so I skip them if they’re not cold, but are supposed to be. All of the brands mentioned in these posts are supposed to be cold. They only live a week w/o refrigeration. And even during that week w/o refridgeration, some will die. I suppose during the Winter, ice packs in shipment aren’t as important. If you look online, you’ll find a wide range of pricing for the Megaflora, one site I found was significantly much less expensive, but did not ship w/ an ice pack.

I’ve had food allergies for 20 years. I’d say they’ve mostly stayed the same. Peanut and soy are the only ones I’m ‘scientifically’ allergic to according to one allergist. I have food sensitivies to numerous others, that cause me to breakout and have sinus issues. I took a lot of antibiotics as a young adult for sinus infections. Hopefully this will all change soon, thanks to Able and Raster and the other great and kind folks here.