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GayBofill wrote: Can someone recommend a really good probiotic to take?

I would finish the bottle of probiotic you have first before you change brands. The probiotic you’re taking by the Renew Life brand is a reliable brand for probiotics, and whether you feel it or not, the probiotics are making a difference in your system and therefore your infestation. As far as how soon you start to feel a really positive difference depends on how severe your infestation, how long it’s lasted, and the foods and supplements you’re now taking, this includes whether you’re remaining steadfastly on the diet outlined on the forum and not the website’s suggestions.
When you finish the one you’re taking, you could try MegaFlora made by the MegaFoods brand. This comes in a 20-billion count bottle, but this is fine considering that it also contains the DDS-1 type of Lactobacillus acidophilus instead of regular, and it’s a good step up from what you’re not taking. You can take two capsules of these if you choose.