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xday2dazex wrote: Yeah, I eat so damn much I look like I have a beer belly. My protein intake isn’t bad either because I have 4 or 8 eggs a day and was having teff bread and oat bran as other sources (cutting out grains for a little while possibly because I feel like they are slowing my progress, plus I’m allergic to them). I’m gonna have salmon twice a week from now on I think too. It’s not a huge amount of mass loss, but my muscles have definitely been eaten away at through this battle. When I have a day where I have energy I’m not weak, I feel like I’m on top of the world those days, like monday for example when I was able to play football and hackey sack. It’s just right now I’m trying to balance my die off and that makes me weak, and I’m noticing decreased muscle mass. Soo yeah back to the question, Is it safe to start taking bcaa’s? (:

Yes I lost a fair bit, its been very frustrating & also put some body fat on. The stress on the body when going through this is going to raise your stress hormone (cortisol), that will swallow up protein (stored in your muscles).

However i’ve been training for about 3 weeks now & most of my lifts are back up to where they were, accept the legs (which are the most taxing to train)
When you are ready to start again, take it slowly – an olympic squat, deadlift or any olympic lift will heavily tax your nervous system as well as your muscles).

The good news is, when the gut starts to heal, you will absorb your food much better, so therefore feeding the muscle. I don’t think my weight changed in 2 years, despite training very hard & getting in good shape.