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Your welcome. I feel candida is over diagnosed and sibo is ignored. If people aren’t getting better on the candida diet while taking antifungals for many months I’d get sibo looked at. Probiotics are great but again for sibo it’s hurting us even more. I still eat buckwheat bread, amaranth and coconut bread but the bloating isn’t going away. I don’t react to rice at all. Prebiotics feed the bacteria so I’m gonna limit those a bit more plus cut down on Greek yogurt die to the bacteria. I’m on nystatin for my yeast, sf722, which idk if that is killin bacteria or just yeast. The best natural killer for sibo is peppermint gels. I started taking them this week. Then I might add barberine which kills good and bad bacteria but I need that. Once the bacteria is gone I can full my body with good bacteria. Seems like another few months for my digestive sysytem. But the diet, sf722 and nystatin have been great and I have a lot of energy compared to two months ago. I train my Jiu jitsu hard 3 times a week and lift 2 times a week. My adrenals feel better. Also digestive bitters are great. Regular enzymes seemed I hurt me and I know did some damage. Able knows what he is talking about. Thanks and I hope we can tackle this problem. I want people to know sibo can be delaying or making the candida worse if not taken care of