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andrewmezzo;59530 wrote:


If you’re getting continued benefits from a supplement you should continue.
If your not getting any benefits then discontinue use. It should be that simple.
B. Coagulans is OK but isn’t going to cure anything.


Well i’m not implying that I’m only taking B. Coagulan supplements throughout my regime. I’m also taking SF722 occassionally, other fermented foods and following the diet as well. I obviously know B. Coagulans isn’t going to cure it by itself. But from other people’s experience they claimed they saw the “real difference” made to their intestinal health AFTER finishing a bottle and stopped supplementing. So I was just wondering if that would ever be the case in this situation.

Most people experience a 6-18 month recovery timeline to get over CRC (candida related complex) and so these statements you are reading are likely from people who had either small/minor infestations or not a candida problem or it didn’t cure them.