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Her statements cause fear. Candida does not travel into the blood in the manner she states and very rarely does not become systematic. Once again if you have systematic candida, you are fighting for your life. She is using the word systematic incorrectly and to me this means she is not educated enough about this syndrome.

And I am someone who can eat a chocalate bar whenever I want with no problems…

One other thing worth noting is that your adrenals and thyroid are likely messed up before even getting ill with yeast. If you drain these via heavy coffee consumption, not getting iodine, etc. and personal habits then its already messed up. So the candida diet may make things worse. Unless you address your thyroid and adrenal health, it will be much harder to get better. But do you need sugar to heal these glands? There’s plenty of natural sugars on the diet available in vegetables…this is not a no sugar diet at all! This is a low sugar diet. Have people been harmed by a low sugar diet? Of course…and their thyroid likely was hella messed up too. This diet isn’t a one size fit all diet, but if you think eating sugar in high amounts will bring a cure…you are playing with fire imho.