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vaccines are the cause of autism the heavy metals and other chemicals in them impair the immune system and cause autism and a weakened immune system that leads to candida overgrowth .autism came about in the early 8os when the combination of vaccines was started before than children were givin vaccines separately our children today receive multiple vaccinations at one time and this is the main cause of autism and other vaccine injuries and death .there has been no epidemic since we were children to explain the reason for so many vaccinations at one time and more as well ,the only explanation is the usa makes vaccines and makes alot of money off of them .

its very sad and i will tell anyone to look at the facts before vaccinating their child. my daughter is 100% vaccine free and always will be there has also never been a child with autism that has not received vaccinations u will never find one.remember it is actually the heavy metals and other disgusting chemicals that cause adverse reaction ,autism and death and not the dead or live vaccine itself though it is best to let a child develop immunity on their own if they were to make a vaccine that was chemical free it would certainly be a safe option for parents who chose to vaccinate .this will never happen because our gov is to corrupt and money hungry but i just wanted to state that any how .

the reason why autistic children benefit from a candida diet is because they do infact have an overgrowth but it is from the vaccine heavy metals that actually impairs the immune system destroys it .as humans we all have a natural immune system which prevents us from getting sick when we inject our bodies with heavy metal vaccines we destroy our bodies natural ability to fight infection .the best way to give a baby an good immune system is breast feed ,give them and teach proper hygiene as all disease has been prevented from proper sanitation and never ever vaccinate ! in all states there are exemptions even if u claim religious which is what i do u never have to vaccinate even to enter public school know your rights and we can stop autism today !