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hi, guys if any one can help me i will be thankful ,i have alot of mercury filling my months,i took alot of antibiotics for hp and i nearly died,i saw death however i got cystitis more antibiatics ,i have too little kids ,all medical doctors r failing ,i have done thousands of dollars ,all urine cultures and swab r clear i have been to uro,neros and every doctors u think off,i have burning in my penis tip urethrea and between my testacles and anus ,doc r lost ,i will try anything at this point,is this candida thing can be tested ,i am trying to meet jorge ,jorge if u can advise me wat to do with my teeth filling and how to test this thing or anything ,look friends i have to babies to live for can u plese help me or share your advise to me ,god will blees u ,for the past six months i am going through hell.god bless u.